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Lavender Finds a Friend

Book Recommendation


I’ve never lived in a flower garden with fairy friends; however Cicely Mary Barker’s book, “Lavender Finds a Friend” helps me to imagine the experience. The fragrance, the sounds of bees and birds and the natural beauty fills the story with vivid imagery.

Sleepy Lavender gets up with the sun singing to the other fairies to awaken them. Lavender washes the fairies’ clothes. One day she is sad because she is too busy with laundry to have friends. Lavender expresses her sadness in her diary. Then she concocts a friendly fairy spell, casts it and waits for the result. Cornflower, Snapdragon and Foxglove step out of the flower bed to declare their friendship for Lavender.

I love this story primarily for its sweet whimsy. Beyond that however, this story demonstrates the power of self-expression, reflection, the written word and positive action. We all have more power than we exercise. Next time I’m feeling a bit blue, I’ll do what Lavender did and cast a friendly spell.

What did Lavender put in her spell? This is the best part. Here are her ingredients:

  •      A sprinkle of lavender petals
  •      A drop of dew
  •      A dash of fairy dust
  •      A whisper of moon sparkle
  •      A tiny fairy giggle

With ingredients like these, is it any wonder the spell gave Lavender exactly what she desired?

Find out more about this book at http://www.flowerfairies.com/

 p.s. I bought this book for my granddaughter when she was five years old. If you want your children and grandchildren to appreciate the flowers in your garden, learn their names and treasure their whimsical beauty, this book is a first step.

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The Lavender Fairy

The Lavender Fairy created by Cicely Mary Barker (1923)

How many flowers do you know that have their own fairy?
The lavender fairy, created in 1923, captures the natural charm of this evocative herb. Cicely Mary Barker used watercolors to draw this romantic image.
 She captured the innocence, joy and playfulness associated with lavender.
Barker was born in England on June 28, 1895. She suffered from epilepsy, and as a result was educated at home. She painted and enjoyed reading.Her training as an artist began with correspondence classes and in 1908, at the age of 13, Barker took night classes at Croydon School of Art.

Cicely Mary Barker at age 16

After the death of Barker’s father in 1912, Barker began  submitting her art and poems  to various magazines to support her mother and sister.

Barker is known best for her whimsical fairies. She died peacefully at the age of 77 in 1973.
Lavender Finds a Friend” is my favorite book written and illustrated by Barker.  According to this book, “Every night when a plant has reached full bloom, a Flower Fairy is born.” When I look out at a field of lavender in the middle of July, I imagine the flower fairies all dancing to the music of summer.

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